Loving Food Truck Trucking good street food!

About Loving Food Truck

Our aim is to always to bring awesome and tasty street food to people who want to try something different or have a passion for great, tasty food.

From our world-famous truck Hervé, we work with local suppliers to create the best street food to events and private parties across Scotland - always with personality to boot.

Street food can be amazing and well worth the effort of searching it out across Scotland. It's such a fantastic country for fresh ingredients and we source them out to elevate our food to what street food can be. Dang, we even forage for wild garlic, herbs and grow our our own because we're just like that.


Typical menu

  • Handmade flatbreads filled with the likes of: halloumi, harissa, capers & spinach or slow-cooked pork and Loving Food 'slaw or our meatloaf and onion marmalade
  • Stews such as North African squash & chickpea, chorizo, bean & orzo, Boston baked beans topped with slow-cooked pork or Currywurst
  • Sloppy Joes, homemade falafel, banh mi and cubano sandwiches.

Where you'll find us this year

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